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Town Pass 'Ultimate Test' (01/01/2008)

Bid Rejected (01/01/2008)

Leijer on the list? (01/01/2008)

Robert Joining Derby (02/01/2008)

Connolly coming to Town? (03/01/2008)

Blues up the ante for Norris (03/01/2008)

Ipswich Vs Pompey (04/01/2008)

The Winner Is...Pablo Counago (05/01/2008)

David Vs Goliath? (05/01/2008)

Town Duo Going Nowhere (07/01/2008)

Trotter Red Card Confirmed (08/01/2008)

Darlo Snatch Miller (11/01/2008)

McAuley Bid Rejected (11/01/2008)

Ipswich Vs Potters (11/01/2008)

Walters IS Staying (12/01/2008)

Town Interest in Sadler? (13/01/2008)

Hobbs the Latest Link (14/01/2008)

Haynes Makes Championship XI (14/01/2008)

Town Trial Fernandes (15/01/2008)

NO Bid for Haynes (15/01/2008)

Old Firm Battle for Haynes (16/01/2008)

Town Want Gray? (16/01/2008)

O'Callaghan set for Departure (16/01/2008)

Norris Signature on its way? (16/01/2008)

Robson Watched by Town? (17/01/2008)

Sheepshanks Calls for Patience (17/01/2008)

Calamity Richo Returns To Brighton (17/01/2008)

Town Make Improved Norris Bid (18/01/2008)

Clarets Fancy Lee? (18/01/2008)

Lennon a Possibility? (18/01/2008)

Fernandez Fails To Impress (18/01/2008)

Ipswich Vs Blackpool (18/01/2008)

Town Sign Quinn on Loan (18/01/2008)

Clarets Don't Fancy Lee? (19/01/2008)

Vote Vital Ipswich! (20/01/2008)

No Going Back: Roberts (21/01/2008)

Will he, Won't he? (21/01/2008)

Chuck Close to Being a Blue? (21/01/2008)

Town Look To Spain? (21/01/2008)

Lindpere Targeted by Town (21/01/2008)

Best Move for Town? (21/01/2008)

Argyle Refuse Norris' Request (22/01/2008)

Romanian Interest in Peters (22/01/2008)

Quinn is a Town Man (23/01/2008)

Jim STILL wants Norris! (24/01/2008)

Moore Released by Town (24/01/2008)

Stevens Given Town Trial (27/01/2008)

2008 Football League Awards (27/01/2008)

No More Moore (28/01/2008)

January '08 Transfers (28/01/2008)

Jim ups the Ante for McAuley (28/01/2008)

Norris a Town Man? (28/01/2008)

Ipswich Vs Pilgrims (28/01/2008)

Norris is our Man (30/01/2008)

Do Do Do Neil Alexander - Don't! (30/01/2008)

Sumo Ties Up Move (30/01/2008)

Glovers Snatch Peters (30/01/2008)

Bywater In (31/01/2008)

Town Tie Up Norris Signing! (31/01/2008)

Supps and Clarke Join Falkirk (31/01/2008)

Colgan Signs (31/01/2008)

Ipswich Vs Wednesday (01/02/2008)

At Last - the Away Win! (02/02/2008)

Jim Eying Webber Loan Move? (03/02/2008)

Bruce Gets Ireland Call (04/02/2008)

Town Duo Named in Championship XI (04/02/2008)

Win A Subscription To 442 With Vital (05/02/2008)

Nugent An Option? (05/02/2008)

Win Money on the Prediction League (06/02/2008)

Garvan Stars for U21s (06/02/2008)

Bitter Plymouth or Scheming Ian? (06/02/2008)

Magilton After Carroll? (07/02/2008)

Nugent a No-No! (07/02/2008)

The Winner Is...Neil Alexander (07/02/2008)

Ipswich Vs Hornets (08/02/2008)

Healy Linked (11/02/2008)

Stats: Ipswich v Watford Saturday 9 February 2008 (11/02/2008)

McAuley Signs.. (11/02/2008)

Prediction League Update (11/02/2008)

Wright Way Forward (12/02/2008)

Seagulls Return for Deano (12/02/2008)

There's Only 2 Gary Roberts (12/02/2008)

Ipswich Vs Pellice (12/02/2008)

World Football Round-Up [1] (12/02/2008)

Stats: Crystal Palace v Ipswich Tuesday 12 Februar (13/02/2008)

You wait for one.. (13/02/2008)

A Fab Coach? (14/02/2008)

King Walters (14/02/2008)

Ipswich Vs Tangerines (15/02/2008)

Edgar Interests Town (17/02/2008)

Bluebirds Clash Called Off (17/02/2008)

Stats: Ipswich v Blackpool 12/02/2008 (18/02/2008)

Report - Shumi Stars (18/02/2008)

Assessing the Transfers (18/02/2008)

World Football Round Up [2] (18/02/2008)

Magic Makes Nugent Move (20/02/2008)

Vote Vital Ipswich (20/02/2008)

Tommy to Join Boro (20/02/2008)

Harry Willing to Let Nuge Go (21/02/2008)

Healy Target Number Two (21/02/2008)

Ipswich Vs Potters (22/02/2008)

Report - Stoke Edge Town (24/02/2008)

Town Duo Offered Contracts (25/02/2008)

World Football Round Up [3] (25/02/2008)

Redknapp: Nugent to Join Town (26/02/2008)

Quinn Cleared of Damage (27/02/2008)

Walters to go Under the Knife (28/02/2008)

Ipswich Vs Saints (29/02/2008)

Magilton Receives FA Charge (01/03/2008)

Prediction League Update (02/03/2008)

The Winner Is...Jason De Vos (02/03/2008)

Report - Saints vs Ipswich (02/03/2008)

Ipswich Vs Blades (03/03/2008)

Stats: Southampton v Ipswich 01/03/2008, 15:00 (04/03/2008)

World Football Round Up [4] (04/03/2008)

Town End Nugent Saga (04/03/2008)

Report - Ipswich Vs Blades (05/03/2008)

Stats: Ipswich v Sheff Utd 04/03/2008, 19:45 (06/03/2008)

Jim's Future is Safe (06/03/2008)

That Loan Striker? (08/03/2008)

Roberts Back at Town (08/03/2008)

Spurr a Target for Town? (09/03/2008)

Ipswich Vs Tykes (10/03/2008)

Robinson Signs (11/03/2008)

Report - Ipswich vs Tykes (12/03/2008)

Smith Extends Borough Loan (13/03/2008)

Stats: Barnsley v Ipswich 11/03/2008, 19:45 (13/03/2008)

The Flying Finn is Back! (14/03/2008)

Town Dealt Walters Blow (14/03/2008)

Ipswich Vs Addicks (14/03/2008)

Report: Ipswich vs Addicks (15/03/2008)

Heartbreak for Kuqi (15/03/2008)

Magilton Targets Stefanovic (16/03/2008)

Stats: Ipswich v Charlton 16/03/2008, 15:00 (16/03/2008)

Bent And Sinclair Linked (17/03/2008)

Owen Makes Champinship Select! (17/03/2008)

The Rhode to the Premiership (19/03/2008)

Supps Gets Ireland Call-Up (20/03/2008)

Bent Bid Turned Down (20/03/2008)

Simpson Joins Town (21/03/2008)

Ipswich Vs Iron (22/03/2008)

Report: Iron vs Ipswich (23/03/2008)

Stats: Scunthorpe v Ipswich 22/03/08, 15:00 (24/03/2008)

Town Make Loan Bids (24/03/2008)

Counago's Ban Could Increase (25/03/2008)

Town Interested In Paterson? (25/03/2008)

Magilton Planning Clingan Capture? (26/03/2008)

Town To Appeal Counago Red (26/03/2008)

Counago Appeal Fails (26/03/2008)

Prediction League Update (26/03/2008)

Loan Deadline Day LIVE (27/03/2008)

Town Draw Blank On Deadline Day (27/03/2008)

Slick Castro leads the way (27/03/2008)

Ipswich vs QPR (29/03/2008)

Report: Ipswich vs QPR (30/03/2008)

Stats: Ipswich v Q.P.R. 29/03/08, 15:00 (30/03/2008)

Roberts: 'Fans Kill Me' (31/03/2008)

Contract Review (31/03/2008)

Marcus Evans EXCLUSIVE (01/04/2008)

Sir Bobby Backs Magilton (02/04/2008)

The Wizard De Vos Offered Contract (03/04/2008)

World Football Round Up [5] (03/04/2008)

Help Sir Bobby Beat Cancer (03/04/2008)

Preview: A12 Derby (05/04/2008)

Town Chasing Harte? (06/04/2008)

Report: A12 Derby (06/04/2008)

Flick Your Way To Uefa Euro 2008 (07/04/2008)

Ipswich Vs Bluebirds (08/04/2008)

Garvan Gets Full Irish Call Up (08/04/2008)

Report: Ipswich vs Cardiff (09/04/2008)

Owen Offered Extension (10/04/2008)

Stats: Ipswich v Cardiff 9/04/08, 19:45 (11/04/2008)

East Anglian Derby (11/04/2008)

Ipswich Freedom for Sir Bobby (13/04/2008)

Town Pride of Anglia (13/04/2008)

Stats: Ipswich v Norwich 14/04/08, 12:00am (14/04/2008)

Town Eying Up Another Irishman! (15/04/2008)

Kuqi Desires Town Stay (15/04/2008)

FFC On The Standing Issue At Footie (16/04/2008)

Season Ticket Sales 'Similar' (16/04/2008)

Town Linked With Argyle Defender (17/04/2008)

Shumi out for Season (18/04/2008)

Ipswich Vs Wolves (18/04/2008)

Report: Wolves vs Ipswich (19/04/2008)

Garvan Toffees Talk Resurfaces (20/04/2008)

Stats: Wolves v Ipswich 19/04/08, 15:00 (20/04/2008)

Miller Looking Forward (21/04/2008)

Wright: Race is on (21/04/2008)

Walters Wins Player of the Year Award (23/04/2008)

Mpenza on Magilton's Radar? (24/04/2008)

Sumulikoski Set for Shock Return (25/04/2008)

Preview: Ipswich Vs PNE (25/04/2008)

Report: Preston vs Ipswich (27/04/2008)

Hull Game On Sky (29/04/2008)

Walters Wins Vital Player of the Year Award! (30/04/2008)

Gaffer Wilnis (01/05/2008)

No Magic Ban (01/05/2008)

Chuck Season Over (01/05/2008)

Simpson Stay Unlikely (04/05/2008)

Preview: Ipswich Vs Hull (04/05/2008)

Captain Fantastic Retires (04/05/2008)

The End of an Era (04/05/2008)

Stats: Ipswich v Hull City 04/05/08, 14:00 (05/05/2008)

Report: Ipswich vs Hull (06/05/2008)

Town Chase 3 Players (06/05/2008)

Bramble Linked to Town Return (06/05/2008)

Shumi Withdrawn from Macedonia Squad (06/05/2008)

Town Target Quick Signings (08/05/2008)

Garvan in Full Eire Squad (08/05/2008)

Bowditch To Depart Town? (09/05/2008)

Rhodes Leaves Club (11/05/2008)

Vital Football Fantasy League Winners (12/05/2008)

Lions Skipper Robinson Linked (12/05/2008)

Bruce Added to Irish Squad (13/05/2008)

Win A Signed Copy Of Shoot To Win (14/05/2008)

Boro in for Garvan? (14/05/2008)

Sito Released (14/05/2008)

Magilton Puts Five on Transfer List (14/05/2008)

League Crowds Break 16m Barrier (15/05/2008)

Vital Ipswich Championship Team of the Year (15/05/2008)

Ipswich Confirm Irons and Baggies Friendlies (16/05/2008)

Leacock Linked with Town (17/05/2008)

Town Making the Wright Move? (17/05/2008)

Cobblers Keeper Targeted by Town? (18/05/2008)

Sylvain Considers Retirement (19/05/2008)

McEveley Coming Back to Town? (19/05/2008)

FFC Survey On Grassroots Football (19/05/2008)

Town Secure New Sponsor Deal (20/05/2008)

Sir Bobby Fundraiser Petition (21/05/2008)

Town Duo Set to Depart? (22/05/2008)

Clingan Link Resurfaces (23/05/2008)

Ipswich Close to Mystery European Signing (23/05/2008)

Balkestein is Town's Mystery Man (25/05/2008)

Mpenza Nearing to Ipswich Move? (25/05/2008)

Ipswich Looking at Beckford? (27/05/2008)

Bocanegra a Possibility for Ipswich? (27/05/2008)

Trio Join Chase for Mpenza (28/05/2008)

Fab Granted Testimonial (29/05/2008)

Mpenza's Agent Expects Ipswich Offer (29/05/2008)

Supple Would Welcome Bairns Move (30/05/2008)

Wilnis to Look for Another Club (30/05/2008)

Sheepshanks Steps Down as Exec Chairman (30/05/2008)

Ipswich Looking to Seal Trio of Moves (31/05/2008)

Garvan Happy at Ipswich (01/06/2008)

McAuley Bid Rejected? (01/06/2008)

Town Moving for Daggers Defender? (03/06/2008)

Halmosi Coming to Town? (04/06/2008)

Ipswich in for Gorkss? (05/06/2008)

McAuley Edging Towards Ipswich Move? (05/06/2008)

Potters Want Walters? (06/06/2008)

Ipswich Mpenza Deal Ruled Out (06/06/2008)

Ipswich's Johnson Bid Turned Down? (07/06/2008)

Bailey on Magic's Radar? (08/06/2008)

Town's Ameobi Bid Accepted? (09/06/2008)

Balkestein Signing Close (09/06/2008)

Ameobi's Agent Denies Ipswich Bid (10/06/2008)

Magilton Backs Supple (12/06/2008)

Jim Won't be Held to Ransom (12/06/2008)

Town Draw Orient (13/06/2008)

No Sho for Ameobi (13/06/2008)

Blues Interested in Barca's Guerra (14/06/2008)

Join the Euro 2008 Special (14/06/2008)

Harte in Talks With Town? (15/06/2008)

Magilton Wants Best for Town? (15/06/2008)

No Bywater Deal (16/06/2008)

2008/09 Fixtures News (16/06/2008)

Pim Deal Confirmed (16/06/2008)

Sito Set for Shrimpers? (16/06/2008)

McAuley Finally a Town Man (18/06/2008)

Southend Confirm Sito Interest (18/06/2008)

McAuley Moving Up (18/06/2008)

Mpenza Still a Possibility for Town (18/06/2008)

Deano Offered Deal (19/06/2008)

Summer Transfer Thread: Part 1 (19/06/2008)

Magilton Opts Against Kuqi Deal (19/06/2008)

No News on Garv Deal (19/06/2008)

Magic Wants Maynard (20/06/2008)

Casement Signs On (20/06/2008)

Target Gow Turns Down Burnley (20/06/2008)

Plymouth Chasing Lee (21/06/2008)

Town Homing in on Wright (21/06/2008)

Sito Signs for Salamanca (21/06/2008)

Baggies Hitman Phillips Targeted (23/06/2008)

Williams Set for Robins Move (25/06/2008)

The Wright Return for Richard (25/06/2008)

Wilnis Eyes Feyenoord (25/06/2008)

Haynes Dismisses Premiership Interest (25/06/2008)

Town in the Hunt for U's Lisbie (25/06/2008)

Simply Magic (26/06/2008)

Gavin's a Robin (27/06/2008)

Magilton Rubbishes Villa Talk (27/06/2008)

Johnson Delighted, Williams Says Thanks (27/06/2008)

Wright Move Nearing Completion (27/06/2008)

Captain Fantastic (28/06/2008)

Target Lisbie Wants U's Stay (28/06/2008)

Phillps Staying, Ameobi Deal On? (29/06/2008)

Summer Transfer Thread: Part 2 (29/06/2008)

Defender to Return as Coach? (01/07/2008)

Garvan and Bruce Join Up with Squad (01/07/2008)

Target Set to Join Hornets (02/07/2008)

Green with Blues (02/07/2008)

Town Make Bid for Alex Star (02/07/2008)

Former U Set for Town Trial (03/07/2008)

No Bid for Crewe Star, But.. (03/07/2008)

Lisbie Cost at £1 Million (03/07/2008)

Magic Close to Naming New Coach (03/07/2008)

Greece Star Chased by Blues (03/07/2008)

Fab Off to Needham? (04/07/2008)

Deano Gets One More Year (04/07/2008)

Rhodes Agrees to Town Stay (05/07/2008)

Charisteas Blow for Blues? (05/07/2008)

Potters Ready to Move for Walters? (05/07/2008)

West Brom Join Walters' Admirers (05/07/2008)

Wolfsburg Goalkeeper Linked (07/07/2008)

Charisteas Set to Snub Ipswich Approach? (07/07/2008)

Charisteas Deal On Again? (08/07/2008)

Skacel an Ipswich Target? (08/07/2008)

Coaching Duo Come Home (09/07/2008)

Bids for Preston's Lonergan Rejected? (09/07/2008)

Ipswich Set for Lisbie Move (09/07/2008)

Charisteas Deal Gathering Momentum (09/07/2008)

Star Staying With Blues (09/07/2008)

Ipswich Miss Out on Phillips (09/07/2008)

Deano Starts to Clear His Debt (10/07/2008)

Skacel Deal Near Completion (10/07/2008)

Wright Move Reignited (10/07/2008)

Deal for Czech Saint Collapses (10/07/2008)

Deal for Skacel Still On (11/07/2008)

Honduran Set for Town Trial (11/07/2008)

Magilton: No Bids for Walters (12/07/2008)

Charisteas Wanted by Other Clubs (13/07/2008)

Pim is Bees Knees (13/07/2008)

Garvan Linked with Brum (13/07/2008)

Deadline Set in Plug Move (15/07/2008)

Chuck Suffers Injury Recurrence (15/07/2008)

Thatcher Joins on Trial (15/07/2008)

Town Close to Lisbie Capture (15/07/2008)

Skacel Deal Near Completion... Again! (15/07/2008)

Fortune Interesting Ipswich? (16/07/2008)

Magilton Eyeing Krul Loan Move (16/07/2008)

Norris to Join up with Team (16/07/2008)

Lisbie Close to Joining (16/07/2008)

Roberts Has His Chance (16/07/2008)

Cowling Fights for Kev (16/07/2008)

Magilton Reveals Davis Possibility (17/07/2008)

Ipswich Ponder Fortune Trial (18/07/2008)

Rhodes Set for Cobblers Loan (18/07/2008)

Pick Your Championship Fantasy Football Team (18/07/2008)

Lisbie Move Complete (18/07/2008)

Maynard Bidder Close (18/07/2008)

Haynes Slammed by Magilton (18/07/2008)

No Wright in Touring Hammers (20/07/2008)

Jim Pleased with Tour (20/07/2008)

Hammers Keeper Passes Medical (21/07/2008)

Terriers Want Two Town Players (21/07/2008)

Wright Signs Two-Year Deal (21/07/2008)

Richo Returns to Brighton (21/07/2008)

Supple Could Leave Portman Road (22/07/2008)

Lee Won't Leave Blues (22/07/2008)

Magilton: Thatcher Talks Progressing Well (23/07/2008)

Sqaud Numbers Released (23/07/2008)

Supporters Getting Behind Blues (23/07/2008)

Sheepy Still Rooting for Town (23/07/2008)

Wright: No Problem with Hollman (23/07/2008)

Are You a Town Fan in Spain? (23/07/2008)

Wilnis Poised for Grays Move (23/07/2008)

No Offer for Trialist (24/07/2008)

Potters Chasing Blues Target (25/07/2008)

Terriers Close to Roberts Deal (25/07/2008)

Captain McAuley 'Honoured' (25/07/2008)

Garvan Happy at Portman Road (25/07/2008)

Vital Ipswich Fantasy Football (25/07/2008)

Unbeaten Town Continue Against Baggies (27/07/2008)

Trialist Thatcher Wanted by Wolves (28/07/2008)

Three Down as Roberts Leaves for Terriers (29/07/2008)

Smith Targets Starting Spot (29/07/2008)

Balkestein Out, But Wants Left-Back Role (29/07/2008)

Time for Plan B. Come in, Mr Balde.. (29/07/2008)

Kyle, Meteb and Howard All Linked (29/07/2008)

'Irons in the Fire' (29/07/2008)

Miller Pens Save Town at Brighton (29/07/2008)

Championship Predictions (1/2) (30/07/2008)

Win £5000 (30/07/2008)

Decision on Skipper Soon (30/07/2008)

Skacel Deal Definitely Off (30/07/2008)

Magic Admits Balde Links (30/07/2008)

Jim Back in for Nugent (31/07/2008)

FFC Survey On Hopes & Fears For Season (31/07/2008)

Blow for Town as Thatcher Goes to Wolves (01/08/2008)

Lisbie: Ipswich are Better than Col U (01/08/2008)

Bobo Still an Option - Jim (01/08/2008)

Ipswich Deny Nugent Links (02/08/2008)

Thatcher to Consider His Options (02/08/2008)

Izaguirre Expected to Seal Deal (02/08/2008)

Win £50 in the Vital Ipswich Prediction League (03/08/2008)

Jim Pleased With Pre-Season (03/08/2008)

Balde Turns Down Six Clubs (03/08/2008)

Clapham Training with Town (04/08/2008)

Danny Simpson Joins Rovers (04/08/2008)

Double Joy for Blues (04/08/2008)

Campo Spotted and About to Sign for Town (05/08/2008)

Ashton Bags Three in Eight-Goal Thriller (05/08/2008)

Jim Confirms Ex-Real Madrid Campo Talks (05/08/2008)

Are You A 442 Football Talentspotter? (05/08/2008)

Bam-Bam Named as 'Dressing-Room Link' (05/08/2008)

Haynes Set for Wigan (05/08/2008)

Target Joins West Ham on Trial (05/08/2008)

Pablo Admits Love for Town (06/08/2008)

Pablo's Message to Ipswich (06/08/2008)

Clapham Hoping to Win Deal at Ipswich (06/08/2008)

Has Walters Submitted a Transfer Request? (06/08/2008)

Pick Your Championship Fantasy Football Team (07/08/2008)

Call-up for Irish Trio (07/08/2008)

Harding Can Go - Southend his Likely Destination (07/08/2008)

The Oddschecker Pundit Looks At Who'll Be Promoted (07/08/2008)

Sir Bobby Robson: I'm Dying (07/08/2008)

Campo Signs for Blues - Reports (07/08/2008)

Music to Town Fans Ears as Duo Deny Exit Talk (07/08/2008)

Blade Armstrong Latest Left-Sided Link (07/08/2008)

Campo Will Sign Next Week - Bowden (07/08/2008)

No Izaguirre Deal (08/08/2008)

Jim: No Armstrong Bid (08/08/2008)

The Last Two Leave on Loan (08/08/2008)

Nugent Ready to Accept Portman Road Move (08/08/2008)

Big Preston Preview (09/08/2008)

Still Time to Win £50 (09/08/2008)

A Word with Preston (09/08/2008)

Stats: Ipswich v Preston 09/08/2008, 15:00 (09/08/2008)

Lancastrians Easily Penetrate the Fortress (09/08/2008)

Fulham Striker Healy Spotted at Town Game (10/08/2008)

Jim: We Never Got Going (10/08/2008)

Walters to Stoke? The Rumours Continue (10/08/2008)

Congratulations Walters, but is Jon Set for Exit? (11/08/2008)

Football League 'Enjoy The Match Campaign' (11/08/2008)

Campo Seals Blues Move (12/08/2008)

Thatcher Given 24 Hours, but Hammers Still Keen (12/08/2008)

Big Leyton Orient Preview (12/08/2008)

Is Walters Staying After All? (12/08/2008)

Palace Chasing Lee? (12/08/2008)

Ipswich Stroll to Victory (13/08/2008)

Stats: Ipswich v Leyton Orient 12/08/2008, 19:45 (13/08/2008)

Lee Linked With Palace Again (13/08/2008)

Shola Ameobi Again Linked With Ipswich (13/08/2008)

Town Draw Colchester at Home (13/08/2008)

Healy Spotted Again in Blues Crowd (13/08/2008)

Arsenal Chasing Haynes (13/08/2008)

No Burnley Bid for Bruce (14/08/2008)

Ameobi Set to Sign for £2.5 Million? (14/08/2008)

Thatcher Set to be Unveiled as a Blue (14/08/2008)

And the Move is Confirmed (14/08/2008)

Jim Admits Losing Lee is a Distinct Possibility (15/08/2008)

Yellow Card Machine Offered Deal. There is a But (15/08/2008)

Haynes May Go After Premiership Links (15/08/2008)

Volz Bid Accepted? (15/08/2008)

Big Burnley Preview (15/08/2008)

Stats: Burnley v Ipswich 16/08/2008, 15:00 (16/08/2008)

Ipswich Confidently Breeze Past Burnley (17/08/2008)

Volz Move Getting Closer as Fulham Accept Bid (18/08/2008)

Bhoys Striker Killen the Latest Striker Target? (18/08/2008)

Norris Looking to Get Back to his Best (18/08/2008)

Rate The Players - Who's Hot? Who's Not? (18/08/2008)

Ameobi Move Nearly Complete, but Goodbye Lee? (19/08/2008)

Bruce Out After Failing to Agree Contract? (19/08/2008)

Ameobi Deal Looks Dead After Injury (19/08/2008)

About Oddschecker - The Odds Comparison Site (20/08/2008)

Bruce Announces he is Leaving - on Facebook (20/08/2008)

Bruce Denies Exit Talk and Wants New Deal (20/08/2008)

Wright Road to Recovery (20/08/2008)

Reserves Start With Win (20/08/2008)

Volz Likely to Turn Down Ipswich (21/08/2008)

The X-Files - Week 1 (22/08/2008)

Volz Still Wanted, but is Weighing up his Options (22/08/2008)

Jim: Ameobi Loan 'Possible' (22/08/2008)

Big Wolves Preview (23/08/2008)

Rhodeshow Won't be in Action for Any Other Team (23/08/2008)

Ipswich Feel the Bite as Wolves Attack (24/08/2008)

Stats: Ipswich v Wolves 24/08/08, 15:00 (24/08/2008)

Risdale: You're Not Getting Your Hands on Johnson (25/08/2008)

'Some Have Outlived Their Days Here', Says Jim (25/08/2008)

Shumi Aiming to be a Centurion (25/08/2008)

Plug: We Will Improve (25/08/2008)

Another Foreigner Targeted, Another Bid Rejected (25/08/2008)

Helguson and Hunt Linked - Plan B? (25/08/2008)

Big Col Who Preview (26/08/2008)

Lisbie Scores As Colchester Crumble (27/08/2008)

Stats: Ipswich v Colchester 26/08/08, 19:45 (27/08/2008)

Town Accept Bid For Lee? (27/08/2008)

Ipswich Closing In On Volz (27/08/2008)

Carr Linked Again as Volz to Cost to Take On-Loan (27/08/2008)

Ben Watson Targeted - Not Another One Surely? (28/08/2008)

Lee with Palace Ready to Sign (28/08/2008)

Win £1million With Man Of The Match® (28/08/2008)

Volz Signs On-Loan for a £250,000 Fee (28/08/2008)

Clarke's Loan Extended To January (28/08/2008)

Bruce in Irish Squad (28/08/2008)

On Yer' Bike! Sorry, I Mean Tractor! (28/08/2008)

Nugent a Target Once More - Will Jim Learn? (28/08/2008)

Watford the way to win a war (29/08/2008)

Has Walters Handed in a Transfer Request? (30/08/2008)

Haynes in the Bad Books Once More (30/08/2008)

Lee Has Left the Building - Good Riddance? (30/08/2008)

Potters Table £3 Million Bid for Ipswich Star (30/08/2008)

Is Adam Johnson the Man to Solve Our Nightmare? (30/08/2008)

Ipswich Draw Wigan in Carling Cup (30/08/2008)

Big Watford Preview (30/08/2008)

Hornets Sting Town Yet Again (31/08/2008)

Stats: Watford v Ipswich 30/08/08, 17:20 (31/08/2008)

Part 1: Are Ipswich Ready for a Promotion Push? (31/08/2008)

Part 2: Are Ipswich Ready for a Promotion Push? (31/08/2008)

Jim: 'We Should Never Have Lost' (31/08/2008)

Bowden Confirms No Walters Bids (31/08/2008)

Video Highlights - Watford v Ipswich (01/09/2008)

Oyebanjo First Name of the Day to be Linked (01/09/2008)

Jim Tries to Fix it With Johnson (01/09/2008)

Potters Bid for Walters? Or Just More Speculation? (01/09/2008)

Ameobi Staying with Newcastle (01/09/2008)

It's Jon Stead (01/09/2008)

Bruce vs Bruce - The Date is Set (01/09/2008)

Italian Reports Suggest Town Want Ventola (01/09/2008)

Bid for Walters Accepted? (01/09/2008)

Youth Cup Hero Leaves for Boro (01/09/2008)

Ventola Deal Dead (01/09/2008)

LIVE: Ipswich Transfer Deadline Day (01/09/2008)

The Calm After the Storm (02/09/2008)

Lee Thrilled to Join Palace (02/09/2008)

Town Show Their Intentions by Rejecting Bid (02/09/2008)

£1.25 Million Fee Agreed for Stead!? (02/09/2008)

Jim Delighted with Stead Signing (02/09/2008)

Under New Management! (02/09/2008)

Jim Wanted Deadline Day Defender? (03/09/2008)

Video Technology - In The Dressing Room (03/09/2008)

A Summer of Speculation (03/09/2008)

The Transfer Window is Over, Will Town Improve? (04/09/2008)

'Colin' Wanted Stead but Ipswich Got There First (04/09/2008)

Matt Richards for Left-Midfield? (04/09/2008)

Bowden Gives Jim Vote of Confidence (05/09/2008)

Town Aiming to be Among Elite (05/09/2008)

Was Jim's Target an ex-Man Utd Star? (05/09/2008)

McAuley: Jim's Rotation Doesn't Help (06/09/2008)

Don't Forget This Week's International Predictions (06/09/2008)

Bowden Rules Out 'A Newcastle' at Portman Road (06/09/2008)

We Have Stead, but the Striker Links Continue (07/09/2008)

Johnson and Shawcross Links Continue (08/09/2008)

Trotter Unsure of Playing Left-Midfield (08/09/2008)

Volzy: 'Roll on the Next Game' (08/09/2008)

Colchester Hold Ipswich Reserves (10/09/2008)

Pulis Rules Out Town Move for Potters Star (10/09/2008)

Jim Not Pressing the Panic Button (10/09/2008)

Left-Midfielder Ehret Rejected Ipswich (10/09/2008)

Francis Linked - He Isn't a Left-Midfielder! (10/09/2008)

Plan A Looks Dead as Johnson Won't Be Joining (10/09/2008)

Undecided Over Richo (10/09/2008)

Is It Right to Boo Underperforming Players? (10/09/2008)

'I'm very happy at Ipswich Town,' says Walters (10/09/2008)

Remember to Back the Sir Bobby Campaign (11/09/2008)

Town's Old and New Squads Compared (11/09/2008)

Big Reading Preview (13/09/2008)

Reading Rattled as Town Hold Stead-y (13/09/2008)

Rhodeshow in Full Swing on Dale Debut (13/09/2008)

'We can match any team in this league' (13/09/2008)

Video Highlights: Ipswich 2-0 Reading (15/09/2008)

Wright: Nobody Can Slip Up (15/09/2008)

Stats: Ipswich v Reading 13/09/08, 15:00 (15/09/2008)

Stead Signs Three-Year Deal at Portman Road (16/09/2008)

Volz On Life With Ipswich (16/09/2008)

Big Saints Preview (17/09/2008)

Report: Ipswich Fail to Overcome Saints (18/09/2008)

Thatcher and McAuley Closing in on Wednesday (18/09/2008)

Jim: Two Points Dropped (18/09/2008)

Stats: Southampton v Ipswich 17/09/08, 19:45 (18/09/2008)

Town Undone Despite Brilliant Bowditch (18/09/2008)

To Boo or Not to Boo? (18/09/2008)

Champions League - You're Having a Laugh? (18/09/2008)

Del Boy Off to Blundell Park (18/09/2008)

Aussie Starlet Gibbs Set for Town Trial (19/09/2008)

Big Wednesday Preview (19/09/2008)

Wednesday Frustrate Town in 0-0 Draw (20/09/2008)

Win A Copy Of The Bromley Boys (21/09/2008)

Stats: Sheffield Wednesday v Ipswich Town 20/09/08 (22/09/2008)

Smith Out Until March After Breaking Ankle (23/09/2008)

Jim: Smith Will Get Through It (23/09/2008)

Captain McAuley Leads the Way (24/09/2008)

Wigan and Derby Join Town in Race for Shawcross? (24/09/2008)

Like Father, Like Son (24/09/2008)

Bruce 'Happy to Stay' but No News on Contract (24/09/2008)

Introducing the New Look Message Board (24/09/2008)

Marmite - You Hate It or Love It (24/09/2008)

Preview: Ipswich vs Wigan (24/09/2008)

Outclassed. (25/09/2008)

Thatch Blow After Returning Against Wigan (25/09/2008)

Deano Delight at Being Back in First-Team Picture (26/09/2008)

Pablo Could be Ready for Palace Match (26/09/2008)

Skipper Titus Tips Town for Glory (26/09/2008)

Realism or Extreme Optimism? (26/09/2008)

Is Jim Magilton the Man to Lead Ipswich Forward? (26/09/2008)

When Saturday Comes/FFC Promo (26/09/2008)

Preview: 100 Up for Jim (27/09/2008)

Report: Ipswich 1-1 Palace (28/09/2008)

Jim Admits Mistake as North Stand Voice Concerns (29/09/2008)

Jim is Safe, but Owner Evans is Concerned (29/09/2008)

Make or Break Time (30/09/2008)

Muller Makes Yoghurt of it! (01/10/2008)

Magilton: Play-Offs in Sight (01/10/2008)

Revilla Reveals that Town Made Enquiry (01/10/2008)

Garvan Urges Fans to Return (01/10/2008)

Column: Champions League? Dream On... (01/10/2008)

Stats: Ipswich v Barnsley 30/09/2008, 19:45 (01/10/2008)

Volz Ready to Get Back on Folding Bike (03/10/2008)

Battle of the Old Boys (04/10/2008)

Charlton Win Turns Heat Up On Jim (05/10/2008)

Jim Pleased After Charlton Defeat (05/10/2008)

Town Legend Beattie Arrested (05/10/2008)

Mahon Linked as Man to Solve Left-Midfield Problem (05/10/2008)

Loanwatch (05/10/2008)

'Give Jim Time' (05/10/2008)

Stats: Charlton v Ipswich 04/10/2008, 15:00 (06/10/2008)

Norris Pleads With Fans to Lay Off Jim (07/10/2008)

Magilon Pleased with Top-Class Town (07/10/2008)

Pim Set for Swans Return (08/10/2008)

Bruce to Captain Republic of Ireland (08/10/2008)

Garvan Hoping for First Full Cap (08/10/2008)

Magilton: Bruce May Leave in January (08/10/2008)

Out-of-Favour Danny Not Going Anywhere (08/10/2008)

Town Reserves Slip Up Again (09/10/2008)

Ambrose Would Consider Move Back to Town (10/10/2008)

New Vital Impact Communication Tool (10/10/2008)

Miller's Hip Not a Big Concern (10/10/2008)

Harding Keen on Shrimpers Stay (10/10/2008)

McAuley in Action This Weekend (10/10/2008)

Ipswich 'Talking With Nugent' (10/10/2008)

The Result - Is Jim up to the Job? (10/10/2008)

Forgive and Forget? (10/10/2008)

Jim in Goalkeeping Dilemma (11/10/2008)

Jim Admits Difficulties in Chasing Loan Defender (11/10/2008)

Ex-Target Novakovic Haunts McAuley (11/10/2008)

Loanwatch: Harding Off as Clarke Makes it 8 (11/10/2008)

Stay in Touch with Vital Impact (11/10/2008)

Garv Stars as Irish U21 Win 3-0 (14/10/2008)

Jim Unlikely to Bring in Loanee Before Swans Test (14/10/2008)

Giants Linked With Town Target McGinn (15/10/2008)

Tommy Remaining Upbeat After Ankle Op (15/10/2008)

Bruce is Still in Jim's Plans (16/10/2008)

Unlucky 13 for McAuley After Limping Off (16/10/2008)

Foley Backing Magilton to Deliver (16/10/2008)

Del Boy Ready to Line Up Again for Grimsby (17/10/2008)

Klug: Time to Move up the League (17/10/2008)

Don't Forget the Double Header! (17/10/2008)

Preview: Back in Action (17/10/2008)

A Not So Great Battle (19/10/2008)

Volz: Gap? What Gap? (20/10/2008)

Pablo Prefers Being Away From Portman Road (21/10/2008)

Big Decision to be Made (21/10/2008)

Ipswich Fail to Beat Forest (22/10/2008)

Miller: 18th Not Good Enough (22/10/2008)

McAuley: We are Turning the Corner (22/10/2008)

Stats: Nottingham Forest v Ipswich Town 21/10/08 (23/10/2008)

Bowden Claims Ipswich are Improving (23/10/2008)

Norris Emotional Ahead of Home Park Return (23/10/2008)

Forgotten Man Peters Won't Require an Op (23/10/2008)

Section 6 Out to Right Wrongs with PR Atmosphere (23/10/2008)

Don't Forget the Double Header! (23/10/2008)

Thatch Back Ahead of Schedule (24/10/2008)

Bruce's Future to be Decided Next Week (24/10/2008)

Ipswich Chasing Chelsea's Shrimper Sawyer? (24/10/2008)

Jim Refutes O'Dea Links (24/10/2008)

New Deal for Walters to Ward Off Wigan Interest (24/10/2008)

12 Games In (24/10/2008)

Defeat is Unthinkable (25/10/2008)

Much-Improved Town Beat Argyle 3-1 (25/10/2008)

Stats: Plymouth Argyle v Ipswich Town 25/10/2008, (25/10/2008)

Jim: Same Again Against Charlton (27/10/2008)

Jim Storms Back: My Job is Safe (27/10/2008)

Revenge is on the Cards (28/10/2008)

Goalscorers in Championship Team of the Week (28/10/2008)

Stevie Smith Again Linked with Town Move (28/10/2008)

Ambrose on List of Jim's Targets (28/10/2008)

Good News as Walters is Staying Until 2012 (28/10/2008)

Stats: Ipswich Town v Charlton Athletic 28/10/2008 (29/10/2008)

The Good Old Days: Introduction (29/10/2008)

The Good Old Days 1: Ipswich 2-1 Middlesbrough (29/10/2008)

Two Points Dropped (29/10/2008)

Jim: We Can Only Blame Ourselves (29/10/2008)

The Dangerman - Emmanuel Ledesma (30/10/2008)

Gers Insist Smith Won't Leave Ibrox Permanently (30/10/2008)

Walters Has His Eyes Firmly on the Premiership (30/10/2008)

One-Month Loan for Deano (31/10/2008)

Campo and Ambrose to Swap Clubs? (31/10/2008)

Jim on Campo and Ambrose 'Move' (31/10/2008)

The Season So Far (31/10/2008)

Putting the F Back in FPR (31/10/2008)

The Good Old Days 2 - Ipswich 2-1 Arsenal (01/11/2008)

Consistency Pays Dividends for Town (01/11/2008)

Curbishley to Replace Jim - Reports (02/11/2008)

Stats: Ipswich v QPR 01/11/2008, 15:00 (02/11/2008)

Jim Hails Match-Winning Stead (03/11/2008)

Volzy Aiming for More (03/11/2008)

Garvan Makes it Two (05/11/2008)

Kiwomya Pleased with Thatch Progress (05/11/2008)

Owen the Greatest, Says Town Legend (05/11/2008)

The Hermannator Linked with Blues Return (05/11/2008)

Jim Sets the Record Straight: Campo Going Nowhere (05/11/2008)

The Dangerman - Alan Gow (08/11/2008)

Singin' in the Rain (08/11/2008)

McAuley and Bruce Named in International Squads (08/11/2008)

Jim Admits He May Sell Rejuvenated Clarke (08/11/2008)

Accomplished Ipswich Edge Out 'Pool (08/11/2008)

Hermann Return Not Ruled Out (08/11/2008)

Ambrose to Return on Monday? (08/11/2008)

Stats: Blackpool v Ipswich Town 08/11/2008, 15:00 (09/11/2008)

Bruce Recommended to Fiorentina by Trapattoni? (10/11/2008)

Town to Take Action After Calls for Norris Ban (10/11/2008)

Town Release Statement on Norris 'Celebration' (10/11/2008)

Ambrose Back in Town (10/11/2008)

Jim Delighted to Get His Man (10/11/2008)

David Norris Makes Statement (10/11/2008)

The Good Old Days 3 - Ipswich 2-0 Charlton (11/11/2008)

Reading Tracking Town's Shrimper? (11/11/2008)

Ipswich Will Face a Fight if They Want Carr (11/11/2008)

Ambrose Praises Top Class Manager and Players (12/11/2008)

Gigliati Heading Bruce Chase? (12/11/2008)

Quinn Stakes Claim for Place After Ambrose Arrival (12/11/2008)

Walters: We Are Now Promotion Contenders (12/11/2008)

No Bruce Deal, Is His Replacement Lined Up? (13/11/2008)

The Dangerman - Richie Wellens (14/11/2008)

Bruce Set for Unthinkable Move to Carrow Road? (14/11/2008)

Ambrose Hungry for Success (14/11/2008)

Black Cats Eyeing Star Midfielder (14/11/2008)

Roeder: Interest in Town Defender Just Speculation (14/11/2008)

All Eyes on the Pitch (15/11/2008)

Christmas? Its Only November! (15/11/2008)

Donny Humble Poor Blues (16/11/2008)

Garvan Earns Himself Another Spot in Team of Week (18/11/2008)

Stats: Doncaster v Ipswich 15/11/2008, 17:20 (18/11/2008)

Mother Calls for End to Norris Hate Campaign (19/11/2008)

Bruce and Shumi in International Action (20/11/2008)

Bowden: End to Signings This Year (20/11/2008)

No FA Action Over Norris Incident - Reports (20/11/2008)

Jim Ready to Get Rid of Campo After 8 Games (20/11/2008)

The Dangerman - Emanuel Villa (21/11/2008)

Bouncebackability (22/11/2008)

Ambrose Returns as Town Beat Rams (24/11/2008)

Jim Thinks His Troops Deserved All They Got (24/11/2008)

Preview: Brum vs Town (25/11/2008)

Bruce Makes it Five in a Row (25/11/2008)

Brum Show Their Class Despite Late Show (26/11/2008)

Jim Concedes Town Were Lackluster (26/11/2008)

Bruce Hints at Stay, But No Deal on the Table (27/11/2008)

Norris Charged With Improper Conduct by FA (27/11/2008)

Hoefkens to Replace Bruce? (27/11/2008)

Stats: Birmingham v Ipswich Town 25/11/08, 19:45 (27/11/2008)

Mogga Admits He Could Let Hoefkens Leave (28/11/2008)

Robinson Joins League One Cobblers (28/11/2008)

Norris Fined and Warned Over Future Conduct (28/11/2008)

Blackpool Loanee Linked with Ipswich (28/11/2008)

Trotter Pleased to be Playing Football (28/11/2008)

Town Commentary Could Return to Suffolk (28/11/2008)

Volz's View From The Stand (29/11/2008)

Dangerman - James Beattie (29/11/2008)

Town Missing Star Duo? (29/11/2008)

Attack the Best Form of Defence (29/11/2008)

Jim: We Didn't Play Well (29/11/2008)

Stats: Ipswich v Sheffield United 29/11/08, 15:00 (30/11/2008)

Droylesden or Chesterfield Against Town in Cup (01/12/2008)

Bruce Back in Team of the Week (02/12/2008)

Star Man Jon Set for Canaries Return? (02/12/2008)

Curbs Linked With Portman Road Post (02/12/2008)

Robson's Right Hand Man in Town (03/12/2008)

Hammers Man Linked With Move to Where It All Began (03/12/2008)

HRH Prince Charles Wishes Town Luck Ahead of Derby (03/12/2008)

Wright: Sunday is Massive (03/12/2008)

Appalling Ipswich Fail To Turn Up (07/12/2008)

Under Fire Jim Admits Norwich Deserved Win (08/12/2008)

Stats: Norwich City v Ipswich Town 7/12/2008, 13:1 (08/12/2008)

Money Not Bruce's Motivator (10/12/2008)

Garvan: Big Week Ahead (10/12/2008)

Big Performance Needed (10/12/2008)

Stats: Ipswich Town v Bristol City 10/12/2008, 19: (11/12/2008)

Town Bounce Back to Beat Bristol (11/12/2008)

Jim on Bristol Win (11/12/2008)

Volz Reflects On An Up And Down Week (12/12/2008)

Battle of Britain at IP1 (13/12/2008)

Bruce Loses Red Card Appeal (13/12/2008)

The Good Old Days - Ipswich 1-0 Liverpool (13/12/2008)

Dangerman - Joe Ledley (13/12/2008)

Harding Wants Prolonged Roots Hall Stay (13/12/2008)

Jim's Challenge to Out of Contract Players (13/12/2008)

False Dawn As Town Stumble Again (14/12/2008)

Stats: Ipswich Town v Cardiff City 13/12/08, 15:00 (14/12/2008)

Heat Rises on Jim as He Blames Poor Defending (15/12/2008)

Stead: Let's Do a Sunderland (15/12/2008)

Back to the Drawing Board for Blues (16/12/2008)

Ipswich Still None the Wiser to FA Cup Opponents (17/12/2008)

Jim: Now Is The Time to Produce (18/12/2008)

Watching Football Is Not A Crime (18/12/2008)

Mr Consistent Wants Burley Call-Up (18/12/2008)

Part IV of Droylsden-Chesterfield Game Set (18/12/2008)

McAuley Fit After Injuring Himself on Goalpost (19/12/2008)

Jim Meeting Threatens Rift Within Blues Squad (19/12/2008)

Jim Admits For The First Time That He Is Unsafe (19/12/2008)

The Good Old Days - Ipswich 3-1 Southampton (19/12/2008)

Dangerman - Michael Mifsud (19/12/2008)

Volz Calls For More Consistency (20/12/2008)

Striker Wickham In Squad (20/12/2008)

Fuming Magilton Slates Local Press (20/12/2008)

Stats: Coventry City v Ipswich Town 20/12/2008, 15 (20/12/2008)

King Kev Rescues Blues (20/12/2008)

Miller to Move on? (22/12/2008)

Lisbie Looking to Get Back in Mix (22/12/2008)

Hornet Mariappa to Become an Eagle or Tractor Boy? (22/12/2008)

Ipswich to Face Bloods in FA Cup 3rd Round (23/12/2008)

Merry Christmas (25/12/2008)

Two Back, Wright a Doubt (26/12/2008)

Dangerman - Kevin Phillips (26/12/2008)

Boxing Day Blues (27/12/2008)

Stats: Ipswich Town v Birmingham City Friday 26th (27/12/2008)

Volzy: Penalty Was Unfortunate (27/12/2008)

69% Want Jim Gone as Banner Banned From PR (27/12/2008)

Campo to Continue at Back (28/12/2008)

Walters Earns Blues Win (29/12/2008)

Stats: Derby County v Ipswich Town Sunday 28th Dec (30/12/2008)

Jim on Derby Win (30/12/2008)

Final Nail in Jewell's Coffin After Blues Win (30/12/2008)

Déjà Vu Strikes as Ipswich Get Spireites (30/12/2008)

Fulham in £2 Million Shumi Move? (30/12/2008)

Harding Looking to Join Southend (30/12/2008)

Clarke Back, But For How Long? (30/12/2008)

McAuley Named in Championship Team of the Week (30/12/2008)

Gorman to be Named as Number Two? (30/12/2008)

Gorman Confirmed as Jim's No. 2 (31/12/2008)

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